Sound design on ‘Simple Print Studio’

DOP and director Tom Mansfield, shot this beautiful abstract film documenting the process within a screen printing studio in Bristol. They recorded some great foley sound whilst on the shoot, so editing & mixing that in with some dramatic organic wind noise, rotor blades and water noises filled the space out. There are some remarkable shots that almost look like it could be in space, so this was my inspiration for most of the music. Bending analogue synth pads on the Nord Stage and mixing drones on the Yamaha SK-20 organ, to create notes flowing in and out of tune that come together at the end.

Making ‘The Master Craftsman’

Recently finished a short docu-promo for Tron, focusing in on Graham Tricker, the electronic genius that designs and builds them. The aim was to create a 3 min film that gave a brief outline of the history and core values of Tron. I filmed for a day with Graham in London at his home, shooting a interview and general shots of his workshop. Decided to shoot in 4K for extra room in post and found this a useful tool for cutting in for certain sections. Sometimes the extra workflow is worth it, especially shooting interview on your own.
In post, after viewing the rushes, I decided that b&w might work well. Throughout the interview there was so much mention to historical audio, vinyl, even second world war bombers that use the same valves that Tron still uses today – so I thought a monochrome b&w palette might fit. Had already shot some studio lit shots alongside collaborator Neal Grundy that fitted in nicely with photographs and exerts from Grahams book.
When doing the sound design, I wanted it to be simple but have a sense of magic & intrigue, giving some life to the studio shots and building to a slight crescendo. I used mainly glockenspiels, rhodes piano, upright piano and bowed electric guitar mainly.

Tron Atlantic Promo

Finished the sign off on the Tron Atlantic Promo. Take a look!

Client – Tron
Brief – To shoot a creative short promotional film that added drama and reveal to the bespoke product. Working with photographer Neal Grundy we used rotation table, cameras on jibs and sliders, boom mounted lights for movement and reflective glass. Shot in 4K resolution using nikon lenses on GH4. Sound design wise I wanted to do something synth based that built to the final reveal of the product. Using 70’s and 80’s analogue synth sounds and arpeggiators.

Shooting Timelapses with thousands of stills & Jon Hopkins

Recently shot some timelapses for use on Getty Images of London. Consisted of a days shooting around the Waterloo area on the Thames. Tried shooting on the South Bank but got quickly shooed away by an over zealous security man.

The advantage of shooting timelapses with stills are you can get a great resolution (these were shot at 5000px) without using tons of media space. You can then have plenty of pixels to zoom in or out of the images in post, which adds another element to the shots. I also played around with some tilt-shift blurs that give a bit more depth to the images, which is useful when the depth of field is not to your liking. Better to do in camera, but a useful tool all the same.

Here is a short edit of the sequences together. The music is one of my favourite pieces by Jon Hopkins. You can buy it here
I highly recommend. He is one of those artists that has influenced me more than most, this track he recorded with some local fisherman in the Shetland Ilses I believe. Somehow the track really reflects where and who it was recorded with.

Tron Amps

Just spent the day filming Graham from Tron Amps. Really interesting guy, built his bespoke amp business up after being frustrated at the lack of quality in the market. The highlight was seeing & hearing his listening speakers which stand at about 10ft tall in his house, he had to use a fork lift to get them in! Shot the interview in 4K for flexibility and decided to go down the B&W route. Into the edit!

Heres a making of video that me and Neal shot when filming in the studio.

Welcome to the new website!

After much deliberation, here is the new site. I hope you like it. Much thanks to Matt at for the expertise. To go along with it, here is my new showreel.