November 24, 2016 george

Composing for ‘Call of the Void’

Recently composed some music for ‘Call of the Void’ a web series produced by Zed Productions for Integrate Bristol dealing with radicalisation and racial stereotyping. Great team of talented people working on it.


Started off with composing a theme tune, building plenty of weird and wonderful sound fx into a glitchy based piece. The main body took mainly took a ambient based approach, finding subtle sounds and drones.

You can watch selected composition sections below.

And listen to the music stems here:

Check out the whole series on YouTube here.

Director: Oliver Zimmermann

Writer and Story Mentor: Nathan Hughes
Director of Photography: Jacob Parish
Editor: Catarina Oliveira
Sound Designer: Angel Perez Grandi
Music Composer: George Laycock
Colour Grading: Christopher Lyons