September 5, 2016 george

Shooting prog rock legend Steve Hillage

Recently filmed an interview with Prog magazine’s  Jerry Ewing and rock legend Steve Hillage. It was a two camera setup and the space that was supplied was the upstairs of a pub. The challenge therefor was to try and transform it somehow into a workable space.

smpty room       IMG_5945 copy IMG_5947 copy IMG_5949 opy

I used two black portable backdrops and then by blackening out any external light, had myself a studio space. LED lights were used to give a contrasty look that I wanted for both subjects. I shot it on a AS7 and a GH4 using monitors and remotes so I was able to keep an eye and ear on both cameras. Bit of a challenge using dual cameras with one op, but managed to achieved the look I was going for.

steve hollage b&wSteve Hillage Interview.01_11_15_13.Still002Steve Hillage Interview.00_43_45_10.Still001