In February and March was pleased to work with Gary Beestone Ltd on the opening ceremony for the opening of Spurs new stadium. We were tasked with producing a 3 minute ‘exciter’ to kick off the events. We used archive, drone and did some shoots in the local community in Tottenham to collate the footage. It was shown live in stadium on the huge LED screens and simultaneously broadcast worldwide live on Sky Sports and NBC.


At the beginning of the year, I spent a large part of time directing producing an underwater music video for Daniel Tompkins.

Shooting underwater certainly has its challenges, but the pay off is satisfying!

Behind the scenes – ‘Introducing Lolly’ animation

We recently produced a stop frame animation for Colebrook Bosson Saunders. The idea was to have a creative 1 minute video to get across the key USP’s of the product in different environments. Deciding on a stop frame format we tested different creative solutions to shoot the animation in the small window we had. You can see the process below.

And the final video below…..


Producing ‘Ollin’ for Colebrook Bosson Saunders

We produced a product video for Colebrook Bosson Saunders at the beginning of the year. Alot of testing was involved to devise ways to get effective product shots without the use of CGI. We used green screen, with cameras mounted onto the product to give a unique view of the the product and to mirror its fluid movement. We then built a studio office setup to see the product being used in a real life setting with actors, using remote camera sliders and a jib to again achieve fluid shots.

You can see a few behind the scenes clips below.

Godsticks Music Video

Worked with the South Wales rock band Godsticks to produce a music video for there single ‘Hard to face’. The band had a idea they came to the table with, so the process was to get that into an original format and try to keep it within budget. I did one shoot with the band in a nightclub in Bristol, and then a studio shoot and a location shoot both in Brighton. Actor/handyman Simon Brice helped to get the door up on Shoreham beach, before we rushed to get the scene done before the oncoming tide came in and consumed it. Ended up looking really surreal and plenty of beach walkers took an interest and selfies. Shot the water footage using a GH4 and housing with a Olympus 25mm 1.8 which gave a  shallow look.



Behind the Scenes from Zeta – The Distance

Recently completed a music video for Zeta for a track off there debut album.

Check it out Below.

Zeta The Distance Preomo still 02

Heres a few behind the scene stills from the shoot, taken by Simon Brice.


Filming the Dambusters Logbook Trial

Great day filming with Bright Button Productions the other day at the sentencing of Alex Bateman, who stole a WW2 Dambusters logbook from the family. Emotional day for the family, and privileged to film a in depth interview with the family recording the immediate reactions to the trial. You an watch the ITV news report here.

Couple of stills from the interview and documentary.




Nordic Giants – Amplify Human Vibration Teaser

Worked with the Nordic Giants to produce this teaser for their latest concept. You can support the fundraiser here. Used stills and royalty free images, bespoke music/sound design and shot a few pieces to fit together. All edited and animated in Premiere/AE.