CBS Testing

The Pineapple Thief – Versions of the Truth

Lupe – Pure Cordless

Lupe – Pure Cordless

The Pineapple Thief – Break it all


Hugo Boss Concept

Hugo Boss, Bottled Night concept in collaboration with Neal Grundy.

Colourist @one_kieran

Watch the 10 sec teaser below.

Godsticks – Victim Music Video

Role: Producer/Director/DOP/Edit

Co shot with Paul Gregory

Lighting: Laure Noverraz

Client: Godsticks/kscope records


Role: DOP/Edit/Grade

Client: Joseph Ford


Visuals for Vespo

Client – Vespo

A collaboration with Neal Grundy

Brief – Visuals for homepage on website
Roles – Camera, Editor, Grading

Spurs – Welcome Home

Spurs – Welcome Home

Produced for Gary Beestone Events and Theatre for the Opening of the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.
Shown in stadium and broadcast live on Sky Sports and NBC.

Daniel Tompkins – Saved

Client – Daniel Tompkins/kscope

Directed and produced by George Laycock


Woman: Imogen-Rose Crew

Man: Jack Tompkins

Baby: Freddie Murrell

Underwater Baby: Lyra Beestone, Freddie Murrell

Lip Sync Crew:

Underwater Camera: George Laycock

Stylist: Lucille Dee

Lighting/Camera Assist: Chris Hutchinson-Mogg

Water Assistant: Rob Tapply

Lifeguard: Tristan Brookes

House Crew:

Camera: Toby Bennett

Stylist: Lucille Dee

Underwater Crew:

Underwater Camera: Zac Macaulay

Safety Diver: Emma Critchley

Stylist: Lucille Dee

Lighting: Toby Bennett

Baby shoot crew:

Underwater Camera: George Laycock

Instructor: Ashley Morgan

Special Thanks: Sarah Murrell Polly Beestone

The Pineapple Thief – Threatening War

Client – The Pineapple thief/kscope

Brief – Music Video
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor

Actress – Gemma Reynolds

Autumn Swimming

Brief – A short proof of concept film featuring local Lyme Regis swimmer Malcolm Greenslade, testing out a new Ikelite underwater housing.
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor

Introducing Lolly

Client – Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Brief – Product animation teaser highlighting USP’s.
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor, Graphics

CBS – Ollin Design Process

Client – Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Brief – Full end to end production
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor, Graphics

Exploding colours concept

Exploding colours concept


Black Nike Logo Concept

White/Red Nike concept


The Pineapple Thief – Try as I might

Client – The Pineapple Thief/kscope
Brief – Full end to end production for music video.
Roles – Director, Producer, DOP, Editor

Camera Assistant – Chris Hutchinson-Mogg

‘When The Pineapple Thief came to me with their track ‘Try as I might’, they had a broad basis for an idea for a music video that dealt with a social media obsessed ‘connected’ world.

This had nods to previous films and television like ‘The Truman Show’, ‘Black Mirror’, the ‘Big Brother’ landscape and its preceding shows, so it was about creating a storyline using these broad influences and encapsulating into an obscure 3 minute film on a budget.

I was interested in the concept of ‘in eye technology’, scary that I am sure isn’t to far away from us. We decided to go down the optical medical route and follow our character on a journey from first pre-operation, to surgery, recovery and then trying to battle the decision he has made, whilst battling with the corporation he has signed up too. The film hopefully leaves the viewer to create their own conceptions on his outcome.

We filmed it all on the Dorset/Devon coastline around where I live and were fortunate to be able to secure great locations to shoot in with a few favours, including a remote seaside post-modern house, a private beach and a real working hospital and opticians.

To keep the cast down to a minimum I decided that the camera that is watching Bruce would become the main supporting actor and his nemesis, appearing in scenes without anyone operating it. This allowed us to see the cameras point of view and tell the story to the fictional viewer. This old broadcast camera weighed an absolute ton, and carrying through remote woods, down a mile long steep cliff path to a beach was a challenge on some of the hottest days of the year. Filming in the water at the end was a welcome refreshment.

Many thanks to all those who helped with the film, especially everyone involved at Yeovil hospital for allowing us such amazing access, and to Bruce for being so amenable about having scalpels inches from his eyeball.’




Amplify Human Vibration Documentary teaser

Client –Nordic Giants

Brief – Co-direct and produce feature documentary project
Roles – Co- director, Camera, Editor

CBS – Who We are


Client – Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Brief – Full end to end production brand video
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor, Graphics


Client – sevensixproduction / DFS

Brief – Series of 10 second films highlighting the winter 2017 collection.
Roles –Freelance Camera employed by sevensixproduction


Client – sevensixproduction / House of Fraser

Brief – Direct the models for highlights reel of the autumn collection
Roles – Freelance Camera employed by sevensixproduction



Client – Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Brief – Full end to end production, using remote cameras, green screen and full studio set ups.
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor, Graphics


Client – Zed Productions/Integrate UK
Brief – To compose music to help the ebb and flow and to add emotion to the story.
Roles – Music composition & SFX

Godsticks – Hard to face

Client – Godsticks/kscope
Brief – Full end to end production for music video.
Roles – Director, Producer, Editor, Camera

Camera on band shoot Tom Mansfield



Client – Zeta
Brief – Full end to end production for music video.
Roles – Director, Producer, Editor, Effects

Coastline Creative Trailer

Client – Coastline Creative
Brief – Produce a 1m teaser trailer to showcase the Lyme Regis area and local businesses.
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor

Call of the Void

Client – Zed Productions, Integrate Bristol
Brief – Music Composition for web series tackiling radicalisation
Roles – Music Composition

Director: Oliver Zimmermann
Writing Mentor: Nathan Hughes
Director of Photography: Jacob Parish
Editor: Catarina Oliveira
Sound Designer: Angel Perez Grandi
Music Composer: George Laycock
Colour Grading: Christopher Lyons

TesseracT – Hexes Music Video

Client – TesseracT
Brief – Music Video bringing there basic concept to life with my own ideas to create four worlds based around a complex CGI scene
Roles – Director, Producer, Editor, Compositor
What they said – “‘Hexes‘ represents a vivid dream and distant memory. One of holding onto the secrets between two people; a history shrouded in secrecy. To maintain the intimate and personal nature of the concept, we knew that we needed a video director that didn’t simply understand the lyrics but someone who could connect to the intensity of the music, and was willing to work closely together in creating the right visuals.

On first contact with Blacktide we knew that we had found the right team. The video was shot over four different locations scattered across the UK including Leicester’s National Space Centre, where we filmed some striking footage from inside a replica of the Columbus module from the International Space Station; shot in the early hours while the centre was closed to the public.

Without a doubt ‘Hexes‘ is the most cohesive and impactful video we have made to date and we’re extremely proud of the end result.”

Tron – The Master Craftsman

Client – Tron
Brief – To produce a 3 minute promotional film, detailing a brief outlook on the history and culture of the brand. To get across the attention to detail, quality and precision used in a product of this type.
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor, Sound Design

Colours concept film

Client – Street Communication
Brief – Film intresting visuals for instore cosmetics store
Roles – Director, Camera, Editor, Effects, assistance from Neal Grundy Photography

Watch the making of here.

TesseracT Hexes – Making of Doc

Client – TesseracT, kscope records
Brief – To create a comprehensive behind the scenes doc to accomapany the main music video.
Roles – Director, Editor, Graphics


Gary Beestone Trailer

Client – Gary Beestone Ltd
Brief – Edit together a 1.30 min trailer, using some of the best footage taken from around the web, high impact and visually engaging. For use on social media and website. Logo animation.
Roles – After Effects, Editing

Abode Video Explainer

Client – Abode Video
Brief – After Effects animation explainer video for property video tour company.
Roles – After Effects, Sound Design, Music from Nordic Giants/Blacktide

Tron Atlantic

Client – Tron
Brief – To shoot a creative short promotional film that added drama and reveal to the bespoke product. Working with photographer Neal Grundy we used rotation table, cameras on jibs and sliders, boom mounted lights for movement and reflective glass. Shot in 4K resolution using nikon lenses on GH4. Sound design wise I wanted to do something synth based that built to the final reveal of the product. Using 70’s and 80’s analogue synth sounds and arpeggiators.
Role – Camera, Lighting, Editor, Sound Design

Nordic Giants – Rapture

Client – Nordic Giants
Brief – The Nordic Giants already had a strong concept that they wanted to bring to life. Working closely with the band, I helped to produce and co-direct the shoot with our DOP’s, location scouting, storyboarding, making digital media for the props, arranging transport for crew and cast. The shoot was complicated, 3 days shoot in SW France in multiple mountainous location with a 3 day edit straight after before final broadcast/online delivery.
Roles – Producer, Co-Director, Editor, Sound Design

FABRIC – Directors Cut

Client – Fabric/Tom Mansfield
Brief – The film was beautifully shot with collaborator Tom Mansfield. The original score was just house music, so for the directors cut a different approach was needed to match the visuals. I used a mixture of glassy synths and scraping sounds, natural sounding pianos, layered with helicopter samples and time stretched foley sound to replicate what we were seeing on screen.
Role – Sound Design

Tron Making of

Notes – Blacktide teams up with Workflow collective to shoot some bespoke amps from Tron-Electric in beautiful 4k. Video of the production process.

London Anonymity

Client – Getty Images
Notes – Shot these timelapses using over 600 images shot every 5 seconds on one day in London, using a tilt shift focus effect on the lens. They produced images with a 5000px resolution.


Client: Maxim V
Brief: The client had some great stills of their jewellery, but wanted some moving image on their site. I did this by using lens flares and embedded animated shapes, adding music and camera movement on the photographs.

Vivid Audio

Client – Vivid Audio
Role – Camera, Editing, Sound Design
Brief – To film the bespoke luxury speakers in a studio environment to create short promotional films that reflect the unique beauty of the products. Working with photographer Neal Grundy, we used large turntables ( the speakers are about 1.5m high) to rotate them, whilst using cameras on jibs and tripods to get the angles we wanted. We also experimented with light movement by hanging the lights on a jib to get some of the movement effects. In sound design, used clean piano sounds and synths to reflect the sound quality of the speakers and to match the edit to add a bit of drama.

Broadcast Sound Showreel

Client – BBC
Notes – Various examples of music I have worked on being used in television programmes.
Role – Co-Composer & producer with Nordic Giants

Selected music composition

A selection of music composition from the last year.